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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Wholesale Orders

Sorry for being a bit quiet on the blog front recently - I've been suffering with a mystery ailment (well that sounds much more exciting than the reality, which was insufficient iron in my blood!!) and haven't felt up to doing much of anything... which has made for an interesting time with the kids still on school hols and a wholesale order from a lovely lady, just up the road from me in Cheltenham, who I met at the Home & Gift exhibition in Harrogate.... you might remember the post I wrote about it here.

While we were at the exhibition her eye fell on this:

Personalised Airplane Picture

As her company centers around Aeronautical gifts, it seemed perfect!

So I've been busily creating 5 of these framed pictures - they're basically done, but still need pressing and framing:

All 5 pictures with the banner reading "Up & Away"

I love the pinks - might have to some more pink & grey things

We also settled on some of these canvas drawstring bags:

But the ones I'm making for the shop won't be personalised so I've gone for a larger plane:

So a bit of work still to do this evening - as I'm delivering the order tomorrow morning!

I've also got a mountain of other orders that have been piling into the shop in the last week, which is lovely and next weekend I'll have lots to show you, but does mean I might not get round to everyone at Handmade Monday this week - although I will try my best!

My little girl also starts school on Tuesday, so there'll be a totally gratuitous mid-week post about that (hopefully without me shedding too many tears!!)


  1. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. An old wives remedy for low iron was drinking Guinness or Stout. Some GP's even prescribed it !!

    Your little planes are so cute. Hope everything goes ok when your little one starts school. Don't forget to take plenty of hankies - for you that is.... ;-)

  2. These are the cutest! I love the backpack too. I wish you well this week - my little grandson too starts school in a week and my daughter doesn't know what she's going to do without him. Have a wonderful week!

  3. Congratulations on getting a wholesale order. The planes look great.

    I hope the first day at school goes well.

  4. HI there :)Really enjoyed reading your link to the trade show post! Love the planes too :) Lynn x

  5. They look brilliant, hope you got it all finished in time.
    I'm on to the next bit with my 'little girl' - she leaves for university this month and I just know there will be tears! We have to remember that all these next steps represent our success as parents :)

  6. Oh, they are gorgeous! No wonder the shop wants to stock them!

  7. Love the plane pictures Simmi!
    Good luck with Seren's first day, I'm sure she'll be fine (even if you're not!)

  8. Love the planes! So bright and colourful x

  9. wow, you've got a lot done considering you've been poorly! I hope you're feeling better now. The pictures and bags all look gorgeous, they're sure to be a hit, expect more orders! :)

  10. I love the planes, they look fabulous. Hope your daughter's first day went well.


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