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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Press Coverage

For those of you following the blog, you'll know that I found out (at a bit of a late stage) that I have been selected as a finalist for the Mumpreneur UK awards - Best International Trader - see post here

Well I (for once) got my act together quickly and sent out a press release to all the local news outlets and one of them called me and managed to organise a journalist & a photographer to come out and see me on Monday.

Yesterday the article was published in The Citizen, a Gloucestershire based newspaper!

I hope that's clear enough to read!

As you can see Patrick managed to get in on the act and swaggered into nursery yesterday and told them all about how "he" was in the paper... no mention of me at all!!

I'll be back on Sunday with results of the awards - I'm not expecting to win (there are some seriously good companies that I'm up against) but I'll let you know :-)

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  1. Well done for being nominated for the award, and for getting in the paper :-)


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