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Friday, 6 February 2015

Crafting for the Six Nations

It's that time of year again... Six Nations time, which in our house is very contentious - the husband is Irish, I'm English and the kids were born in Wales!

So I've made a few different things 6 Nations related over the years:

Shamrocks for the Irish fans

Daffodils for the Welsh 

English Roses for the best team ;-)

And finally a leek!

The leek was part of my felt food exploration earlier in the week (all of which turned out faaaar too large!) A friend saw it and asked if she could buy it to wave during the Wales games!! Her husband was very bemused when he picked it up earlier... All he'd been told was there was something to collect... He wasn't expecting a leek!

Need to try and create a thistle next for the Scots :-D

Monday, 2 February 2015

How to find a truly personalised gift

We have a friend who's 40th Birthday is coming up and I asked my husband yesterday what we should get him for his birthday, to which my husband replied "What do you get the man who has everything?"

A very good point. We quite often have presents to get for people who have a high disposable income (lucky things!) and who buy the things they want as they see them... makes for a difficult pursuit looking for the ideal present.

Well I've had some customers who have tackled that by having something truly personalised created for their loved ones:

This Supreme Dalek Figure was made for one lovely customer's 40th Birthday as he's a real Dr Who fan!

The Supreme Dalek Toy my version was based on.

Another customer wanted a large Subaru Impreza Car Cushion to give to her son as he was having to sell his beloved pride & joy due to an expanding family!

Felt Subaru Impreza Car Cushion (Complete with personalised number plates)

Having seen the Personalised London Bus that I sell a great number of, asked if I could make a New York City Bus, with personalised plates:

New York City Bus, based on the photos sent by the customer

A completely lovely, but puppy-crazy friend and wonderful customer asked me to replicate her two Chinese Crested Powder Puff dogs in cushion form:

Holly & Noodle - the gorgeous puppies who got their own cushions... they were supposed to be for their owner, but they both claimed their cushion and refused to be parted!!
Finally, the first real custom item I was asked to create, was this enhanced VW Beetle, known as a Baja Bug and used for off-roading, requested by a customer in Germany for her brother, who had once owned this car:

Hope you enjoyed that little round up and feel free to contact me if there is something wild and wacky that you'd like to see immortalised in felt!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Fairies and Elves

Hey lovelies,

I've been having a bit of a blogging writers block recently, mainly I think because I wanted to up my blogging game this year... so immediately my mind goes blank!!

But I did want to share these gorgeous Fairies and Elves doors that a friend of ours made for the kids.

I'm so chuffed with them and the kids adore them. Simon (the lovely friend who made them) is hoping to set up an Etsy shop, so watch this space if you like the look of them.

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