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Monday, 9 June 2014

Superman How To - Father's Day Felty Tutorial

I was thinking about Father's Day the other week, late as always in this household! And I realised that there aren't many things that I make that my husband would be that into receiving... but something made by the kids, is always a hit.

As I was trying to think what I could do a little tutorial on, I over heard my kids playing a make believe game. Seren was Bat Girl, Patrick was Spider Man and Daddy was Superman... because as Patrick pointed out - he can do ANYTHING! So sweet. Also, so helpful when designing this:

This will join the others on my Tutorial Page and is a nice easy one, so plenty of time before Father's Day this year (or SuperDad's Day as it's now going to be known in our house!)

You will need:

2 pieces of royal blue felt (15cm x 10cm each)
1 piece of red felt (15cm x 20cm)
1 piece of yellow felt (12cm x 9cm)
Embroider thread in royal blue, red, yellow and black (2 strands of each colour)
1 piece of ribbon (optional)
Templates (at the end of this tutorial)

NB: If a younger child was making this you could omit the sewing at each step and use glue instead. They would just need a bit of help with the embroidering of the word 'Daddy'


1. Cut out the red 'S', the yellow background and the red back ground. Pin the 'S' onto the yellow background.

2. Blanket stitch (or whip stitch) the 'S' onto the yellow felt. Don't do the outside edges of the 'S' as they will be done in step 4.

3. Embroider the word 'Daddy' or 'Dad' (your choice) in black thread onto the 'S'. If need be you can use a pencil or disappearing ink pen to mark the letter placement and then sew over the writing.

4. Blanket (or whip) stitch the yellow felt onto the red background. This is where you can sew up the outside edges of the 'S'

5. Pin the whole lot onto both pieces of the royal blue felt and cut out leaving a 1/2cm boarder around the edge.

6. Blanket stitch (or whip stitch) the red felt onto the blue felt, all the way round.

7. If you are using a ribbon, place the ends between the two blue felt layers, pin in place and then stitch up. If you're not using the ribbon just pin the two blue layers together and blanket stitch together.

8. WELL DONE - you're finished!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial - obviously you don't have to use the Superman colours, it would look great in any colours and could be adapted for a SuperMum or SuperGran or anyone Super!

Please feel free to make as many of these as you'd like for personal use, but please do not make them to sell or reproduce this tutorial/templates without referring back to this blog - thanks.

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  1. I love your tutorial and I am sure dad will be thrilled :) http://felting.craftgossip.com/2014/06/09/superman-how-to-fathers-day-felty-tutorial/


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