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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Butler in the Buff!

I know this blog is supposed to be for my crafty news, but I couldn't resist sharing this particular item with you - I went on a good friend's Hen last weekend and part of the surprise, for most of us girls, including the Hen, was a very nice *and very nude* Butler to serve us champagne and lunch on the Sunday. Meet Aaron:

The second picture he's with the gorgeous Hen, Gen (Many limmericks starting to come to mind now that I'm sober!). If you'd like your own Butler in the Buff have a look on their website :-) And just to show that I can't have a whole post without something crafty, here's a pic of the crown that I made for Gen:

You can't really see from the light, but the beads were fantastically sparkly!

Ohhh and one last piece of news - Grace's Favours is Purpledognet's #purplebiz of the day! If you don't already follow them on Twitter, they are a brilliant business who help promote other Twitter businesses and today have gained me 50 odd followers (and it's still only late afternoon!)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Big Etsy Seller Card Table

Sorry for a double post today, but I came across this event today and wanted to get the word out to as many Etsy sellers as possible and it needed to be done today as the deadline is looming.

Keep Calm Events is holding it's first UK Etsy Seller Craft Fair in Seaham, Co Durham on May 5th 2012 and there will be a fundraising table which will hold business cards from as many Etsy UK sellers (and also UK Handmade members) as possible. Visitors to the fair will then be able to take away the business cards from this table, so they can have a look at other artists/sellers who could not attend the fair itself.

The event organisers are asking for a minimum of £2 donation (you can of course give more if you'd like to!) to be sent in with between 10 and 100 business cards by the end of April. There will be media representation there on the day and I'm sure the table will get a good bit of publicity and there is also the added incentive of getting some new free (yup free!) MOO cards in return for sending in some for the event.

If you've not come across MOO cards before, check them out, they are fantastic - the quality of the cards is brilliant, the service is great, delivery is fast and the packaging is fun too!

To contact the lovely people at Keep Calm Events & for more details either have a look at their blog or email them at keepcalmevents@gmail.com

Easter Egg Hunt & The Gruffalo Trail

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend - we kicked off Easter Sunday with an Easter Egg Hunt (in our jammies of course!). Seren & Patrick LOVED their Easter Bunny Bags to put all their loot in, they REALLY LOVED all their chocolate and they were surprisingly impressed with Mummy's quickly made Easter Bunny Masks:

Then after plenty of chocolate had been consumed (or in Patrick's case, smeared all over his face, very enthusiastically!) we went off to the newly opened Gruffalo Trail at the Dean Heritage Centre and we all loved it:

 'Oh help, Oh no! It's a Gruffalo!'

  A lovely day out - definitely worth a visit if you are anywhere near the Forest of Dean!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Being Featured!

Well, having said in my last post that I was over the horrid flu bug I'd caught off my daughter, it came back with a venegence and I've spent most of the last week in bed! However I have found the time to make a lovely friend of mine a 40th Birthday present... she let slip a while ago that her favourite flowers were tulips, so I thought a bunch would go down well that could stay out all year round without wilting:

I've also managed to finish off 3 Easter Bunny Rabit bags, 2 for my kids, Seren & Patrick and one for a friend's little boy who will be staying with us over the Easter weekend.... I will take some pics of the kids as they are doing their Easter Egg hunt and of all their spoils in the bags at the end - I expect it to be a true choco-holic's dream!

Now onto the other exciting news - I've been featured on a couple of different blogs, which is really exciting for me as it's still a novelty!! The first is Heart Handmade which has a lovely mini interview and some pics and the second is the fantastic Cuteable which has featured my cuddly owl cushion and also my Easter Finger Puppets

So despite the bug that's still lurking and forcing me to return to bed at regular intervals (and interrupting most of my craft time!) I'm really quite a happy bunny :-)

Have a lovely Easter weekend xxx

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