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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Mumpreneur Awards - making the finalist group!

Well, I have so much to share this week I don't really know where to start!!

This is my 3rd blog post this week (almost unheard of!) as I shared two Piratey tutorials for a Pirate Eye Patch and a Pirate Sword in honour of International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Thursday (September 19th)

pirate eye patch tutorial - diy felt pirate eye patch
pirate sword tutorial - diy felt pirate sword

Then I found out on Tuesday that I had been selected for the finals of the Mumpreneur UK Awards!

I was in total shock!

I entered back in January and then promptly forgot all about it and when the finalists were announced on the Mumpreneur Facebook page I had a nosey, wasn't on the list for either Best Product or Best International Seller (the two categories that I'd entered) and slunk off to lick my wounds in private.

BUT.... I got an email on Tuesday saying they'd been having some problems getting in touch with some of the finalists and here were the details of what they needed from me as I was a finalist in the Best International Seller category!


Out of approx. 1500 entries, each category is whittled down to 8-10 finalists and I was one of them! I'm over the moon :-)

Quickly put everything they needed together and emailed it all over, whilst also writing a press release for the local media, to see if it wasn't too late to get some publicity and I got a phone call yesterday saying one of the local papers will be sending a reporter & photographer out to me on Monday (tomorrow!) and the piece will be in the paper on Wednesday!

Yay.... but... wait..... "What about the tip you call a workshop?" my helpful husband asked, last night, while we were away celebrating our anniversary!

So today, I have lugged, shoved, tidied, junked, retrieved from the bin, found homes for and put up on walls all the stuff that had been covering the floor of my workshop! I still have a big pile of paper to sort though, but it does now resemble a room that someone works in, not just a fabric dumping ground gone wrong!

Need to make a curtain to hide everything under the workbench!

Sign stolen from the Home & Gift Exhibition

Finally got some of my work displaid!
So my lovelies, that's me for now... off to make some dinosaur cushions, put more things up on the walls and try and hide this big wodge of paperwork!!

Enjoy Handmade Monday!


  1. The Pirat eye patch and sword are great :D

  2. What a great week you've had!! How exciting to be a finalist? The tidied workshop looks lovely....enjoy the interview tomorrow...get the fancy biscuits out lol

    Well done, so pleased for you ;0)

  3. Congratulations on being selected, that's a fantastic achievement

  4. Congratulations! It's well deserved.
    Aren't craftrooms/workshops supposed to be messy?!

  5. Well done you! How fantastic to be a finalist, congratulations. Hopefully you'll be able to share the interview on your blog x

  6. Congratulations! Hope you'll be updating us on how it goes? I know the fabric dumping ground idea of a craft room too!

  7. How really exciting. I am very pleased for you. Congratulations. What a great way to get the nudge to sort your work space out!!

  8. Congratulations that's wonderful.

  9. Oh that is so good to hear. When are the results announced????

  10. love your piratey makes - so cute!

    Big congrats on being a finalist, how exciting!! My workspace is currently an almost impenetrable dumping ground so i can imagine your tidying frenzy.. i think i need to have one too! :)

  11. How wonderful, trusting all goes well today:) Enjoy the tidy studio for as long as it lasts! (tidied mine earlier in week for a blog post, you would never know it once was tidy!)

  12. WEll done! That is so exciting. And the pirate outfits are really cool. I had a pirate party for my sons 5th birthday and it was out best party ever. He will be 18 in Jan. good luck with the finals

  13. What an exciting week and a BIg well done on being selected as a finalist in the Best International Trade category - fingers and everything crossed or you. I am only glad my work room has a door that I can close on it! Otherwise I would have to think of some other way to hide the clutter. Hope you have a good week.

  14. A big congratulations to you, a great achievement :) I love the pirate pictures.

    Jan x

  15. Congratulations on reaching the final. My workroom needs a bt of tlc too, but keeping organised takes up so much making time doesn't?

  16. Many congratulations. I bet you're still on cloud nine. Hope everything goes well when the press come to visit - press, doesn't that sound cool !!!!! xx

  17. It all sounds so exciting :) It's amazing how quickly we crafters can put stuff away when we need too. I love the pirate patch and sword too.

  18. Congratulations! I'm late with reading this week so hope the interview went well, you should have already seen the results by now :)
    Love that pirate sword


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