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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Post Wedding Slump!

Aaarrrrggg! I wanted to get this posted much much earlier as I was really excited about writing the follow up to last week's Handmade Monday post showing off the pics of me wearing my new fascinator.... but I forgot to take my camera connector leady thing (technical term!) away with me for the weekend!

So we got home about an hour ago and the first thing I did (after getting the kids to bed) was load up the photos!

Sadly most of the photos are either ones that show off my fascinator or are unfit for public display as I *might* have had one glass of champagne too many - most unlike me I'm sure you all understand ;-)

But I really like this one that my lovely husband took before the drinking started:

We had a wonderful time and, as we were child-free, a very very late and silly night :-)

I've called this blog entry 'post wedding slump' as we had such a great time, with a bunch of friends we don't see all that often and it was a really lovely couple getting married so it was just a magical day and it's always a shame when a really looked forward to day/evening comes to an end - especially with a degree of hangover thrown in!!

However... onwards and hopefully upwards! I'm afraid I haven't got much more to show you this week... except for the finished Easter Bunny Wreath which I forgot to share last week:

Complete with an Easter Lily
And some seasonal Bluebells
 Right, I'm off to catch up with everyone else over at Handmade Monday - fancy joining me for a cuppa & a good read?

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