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Sunday, 3 March 2013

How to feel glam at a wedding

Well.... for those of you who also follow me on Facebook, I apologise that you'll already have seen these pics and have heard me getting excited about this earlier in the week, but I am now the proud owner of a one of a kind, handmade fascinator, designed & made by me!

I'm really really pleased with it as I went on a one day course last May and made this one under the one-to-one guidance of the tutor:

And then I made a couple more that same week (they were for Seren and a friend of mine - all for a wedding the following weekend!)

Seren - my ever willing model!

'Scuse the slightly blurry pic - in a rush to get to the wedding!

But since last May I've not made any headwear at all, so to have remembered all the stages and achieved something so profesional looking has absolutely made my week!

Ok, enough blowing my own trumpet! I'm off to see what's been happening on the Handmade Monday blogs :-)

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