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Friday, 25 January 2013

Tutorial....How to Make an Orange Candle

All my lovely Facebook fans, will know that I posted a pic of a recent make on Wednesday morning. This make was slightly different to my usual makes, in that it consisted of an orange and some olive oil!

I saw this first on Pinterest and for once when I said I'd seen something cool on Pinterest and described it to my husband, he'd actually already heard of this one!

So here's what you'll need:

An orange (any size)
Olive Oil
A knife
Matches (at least 5 in my experience!)

First of all, making sure you go through the skin only and not the flesh, carve all the way round the middle of the orange like so:

Then ease your thumb under into the slit and slide your thumb round the inside of the orange peel, so that you peel the skin away, without tearing into the skin.

Then you need to gently pull the peel off the orange flesh, like this:

You need to do the same for both sides, so that you have two empty orange peel halves and then you need to pour a little bit of the oil into the side of the orange peel that has the 'wick'

I've trimmed a bit of the 'wick' off as it was quite long and might have scorched the top half of the orange:

Then, although a bit of the top half of the peel has come away with the flesh, I've cut a bigger hole in the top so that again, the flame doesn't scorch the top of the orange

 Then it's time (once the oil has had a chance to sink into the pith) to try and light your candle. I usually find that I'm too impatient and haven't left it for long enough to soak up the wick properly, so it takes about 5 attempts to light!

Once lit, put the top half of your orange on:

And turn off the lights, to get the full effect!

 It should last for about half an hour, depending on the size of orange & how much oil you've used


Hope you enjoy and I'd love to see pics of ones you make.


  1. I've not seen these before. What a fab idea, thank-you for sharing. Happy 100th, Jo x

  2. Hey Jo, they are so easy (honestly if I can do it - anyone can!) Have a good week, Simmi x

  3. soooooooooo cool! I have to give this a go :) thanks for sharing! x


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