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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Craft fail!

But it's sort of come good - thank gawd!

Well, what with all the lovely snow we've had this weekend in the Forest of Dean (Gloucestershire)

The view out of my dining room window

My daughter Seren (aged 4) announced on Friday morning, over breakfast and talking about snowman building, that her gloves didn't fit and could I please make her some more to go out in, TODAY! Talk about pressure!

So I drew round her hand, enlarged the template a bit and off I went. Here's the first attempt:

Possibly the right side for a doll!

That'll teach me not to make the first attempt out of the final material you want to use!!

So take 2:

Fine finger size, but the wrist opening would barely fit a newborn!
By this time, I was sweating, cursing, running out of thread and material.... the kids were champing at the bit to get out into the snow and my husband was getting bored with trying to keep them entertained inside, so I decided that mittens were the way forward. That's when I realised I didn't have enough of the original, more interesting material :-(

So out we went with Seren sporting these, tucked into her coat sleeves as I'd not had time to russle up any elastic!

The kids' first snowman
Not very happy with them though, I spent most of Friday night embellishing them, so they now look like this (still missing the elastic though!)

I'm quite happy now with them (though it would have been a lot quicker to sew the patterned bit on first!) and thankfully Seren loves them... but of course now Patrick wants some (in pink to match his sister's, of course!)

This week is the 100th Handmade Monday so keep your eyes peeled on Wendy's lovely blog for some wonderful surprises :-)

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