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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Calling all winners

Phew - that was a long couple of weeks in the GF household... this was the biggest order to date and it was interesting as I'd not made the items before so I was designing the trophies as I went along (I know, I know... I'm supposed to design it, make a prototype, modify the designs and then begin full scale production - but I only had 2 weeks!)

Here are some pics of the trophies before I packaged them up to take down to the event:

The full collection - 14 in total
A Large Summer Tree Trophy

A Small Autumn Tree Trophy
A Small Winter Tree Trophy

A Small Summer Tree Trophy

A Small Spring Tree Trophy

Back of each one had a label with Grace's Favours details
A Large Autumn Tree Trophy

I decided to make the trees in the 4 seasons to give a bit of variation and as the company who placed the order is called Black Sheep Sports, there was a little black sheep on each trophy!

Now onto some smaller orders from my Etsy shop and then another large order to complete, this time for a soon-to-be-open shop in Scarborough!

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