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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

London Bus – 3D and Cuddly!

My 21 month old son, Patrick is currently obsessed with Buses – from our kitchen windowsill he can be entertained for (what feels like) hours waiting for the next bus to go past, and then hollers at whoever is nearest that he’s seen a bus. This can be very entertaining (and noisy!) and it’s just as well that Gloucestershire County Council have just laid on a new bus route through our village!

We're actually heading up to London this weekend to stay with family, so a trip on a real London Bus is definitely in order, but in the meantime I decided that I would make him his own bus to play with. Given that he’s also very into cuddly toys (we have a collection that have to go to bed with him every night!) I am attempting to make it a 3D cuddly bus! I’m not quite finished with it yet, but here’s a couple of work in progress shots. 

If it works well, I’ll list it in the shop should anyone require one for their little motoring enthusiasts!

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