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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

So much to do... so little time!

Well, I have managed to get a couple of things finished this week... but that's just left me with even more that needs doing!

First up, the Cuddly London Bus - FINISHED & in my Etsy shop- Hurrah! Patrick loved it (sadly no pic of him cuddling it as I keep forgetting to take one!):

The other thing that I've had sitting in my work in progress box for weeks is a bunch of Snowls (so called because when I asked Seren what she thought the first one was, she replied 'Itsnowl' which came out as 'Its a Snowl'!) which are now finished & also listed in my Etsy shop:

My next thing is something I've done, but can't talk about yet! (I know, what a tease!) It's a tutorial for part of my Union Jack Swap... but until I know that my lovely swap partner has received it, then I can't show you! So you'll just have to wait (but I promise it won't be long!)

Aaaaand finally, I've been contacted by the first customer I had on Etsy (who coincidentally was also my first customer who I didn't know, which made him very special! He bought some Christmas items last year (stockings and tree decs) and he's super organised and is already thinking about this Christmas and what he might send over the pond, so I'm working on a new item for him this afternoon!

Phew... after all that I think I need to go and get a cuppa and some chocolate (shush - don't tell my weight watchers leader!!)

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