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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Butler in the Buff!

I know this blog is supposed to be for my crafty news, but I couldn't resist sharing this particular item with you - I went on a good friend's Hen last weekend and part of the surprise, for most of us girls, including the Hen, was a very nice *and very nude* Butler to serve us champagne and lunch on the Sunday. Meet Aaron:

The second picture he's with the gorgeous Hen, Gen (Many limmericks starting to come to mind now that I'm sober!). If you'd like your own Butler in the Buff have a look on their website :-) And just to show that I can't have a whole post without something crafty, here's a pic of the crown that I made for Gen:

You can't really see from the light, but the beads were fantastically sparkly!

Ohhh and one last piece of news - Grace's Favours is Purpledognet's #purplebiz of the day! If you don't already follow them on Twitter, they are a brilliant business who help promote other Twitter businesses and today have gained me 50 odd followers (and it's still only late afternoon!)

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