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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

New Puppy... Anyone tell me what she is?

I've been a tad quite in recent weeks... the reasons are twofold.

I was supposed to be taking part in a VW Festival this weekend, so I shut up shop in mid May and knuckled down to some hard work. I made quite a lot of stock but then got totally sidetracked by the arrival of this little beauty!

She is absolutely gorgeous and a total distraction!

We all completely adore her, Patrick thinks it's hilarious when she licks him as it tickles and Seren thinks she's beautiful but is still a bit wary. To be honest, it's because of Seren being so nervy of dogs that we decided to get one. We thought it would probably help her to overcome her fears. Thankfully Paella (more about the name in a mo!) is a very clam little girl, she's only 4 months old, so still a baby really, but she has the perfect temperament for us,

So, why Paella?

Well, she's come from an English run rescue center in Spain. The Spanish seem to be against spaying dogs and they have a lot of strays, which results in many unwanted pups. Pi and 3 of her litter were dumped on the Rescue Center's doorstep in a bag poor things. Pi was born without a tail, which seems to be a hereditary thing as the Center said they'd had another 4 pups dumped in the same sort of bag six months earlier, one of which had also be born without a tail.

One completely unanswered question (bearing in mind I know very little about dogs!) is what mix of breeds she might be... anyone got any ideas?

But this gorgeous bundle of fun has meant that I've not got anywhere near as much stock made as I would need for a 3 day festival. Which is a real shame as I was really looking forward to it, but I wouldn't have enjoyed this week had I been stressed out about the festival and therefore not making the most of settling Pi in.

So I now have quite a few of the following goodies in stock... A couple of these have been shared before and some are new.

All of these will be added to the Etsy Shop in the next couple of days as I get some spare time!

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