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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Welcome to the world of Uniquely UK

Hello my lovelies :-)

Sorry for being absent for a while... we had a wonderful holiday and came back last weekend, very reluctantly!

Having spent the week trying to get my head back in the game, I am now feeling quite motivated to get things going again!

However I may have mentioned that I'm going to be exhibiting at the Home & Gift Fair in Harrogate this year, so I've decided to keep the majority of my shops shut for another month to give me enough time to prepare for the event.

Buuuuuut.... there is one shop that I won't be closing as it's really new and very exciting and a collaboration with 9 friends... it's called Uniquely UK!

We are all existing and established designers & makers, who sell through Etsy, but we have felt for a while that we wanted to do something as a group to try and bring the unique, high quality and unusual items that we make to the forefront of UK consumers' awareness.

We are working towards running our own website, but in the interim we have opened a Folksy Shop

And here are the lovely Designers that I'm working with:

Purse Poppet
RDR Photography
Rebecca's Emporium
Tatania Rose
The Feminine Touch

I would LOVE it if you guys would check out our collaborative shop and if you've got 5 minutes (although you'll get lost and spend hours ;-p) check out the gang's individual shops!

Now I'm off for a long overdue catch up at Wendy's Handmade Harbour Blog......xxx

PS. I've also got links to two of my cohorts' blog posts about our shop - both blogs are fab and worth reading so I thought I'd add their links in here:

The Feminine Touch's Post
Rebecca's Emporium's Post

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