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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

VW Baja Bug Cushion - FINISHED!

Well this was a heck of a commission! I started it before I went on holiday in May, but quickly realised it wasn't something I was going to be able to put together in a week, so thankfully my lovely customer was happy to wait until after the holiday to get it finished.

This is how I left it before I went away:

To be honest I was thinking of starting again as it just wasn't coming together, but then after a couple of weeks away, and with renewed vigour, it started to take shape:

And then once I added the customisation I was really pleased. And this is how it finally turned out:

Felt 3D sculpture commission of a car

Felt VW Car Toy

I've also finally done something I've been meaning to try out for ages - a collage of photos - this one shows the two pictures I got from the customer as the brief, and the end result.

I'm really pleased with how well it's turned out, but next time I'll have a better idea how long a piece of custom work like this will take!

Even though I didn't write this specifically for Handmade Monday this week, I'm going to link it up as we've just got back from a weekend away and I don't want to miss this week out!!

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