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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Crafting on a Building Site!

Ok, so that title sounds a little bit more dramatic than things really are here at GF HQ, but not THAT far off.

We are having an extension to our house renovated - the extension was the bit of our house that housed the bakery ovens when our place was a working bakery. The ovens sadly were full of damp and falling down and right in the middle of the room, so had to be removed to make way for...... My New Workshop!!!! (Me? Excited much? Nah!)

This is the bit that's being renovated:

Last summer they did some work on the bottom floor and now, finally, they're raising the top walls, front and back and putting a new roof on. This also involved knocking a doorway through from the top floor into our existing kitchen.

Herein lies the rub.

Originally they weren't going to knock through until the very last moment, thus saving us A LOT of dust inside, but then someone twigged that if they don't knock through now, they won't be able to get a lintel into the new doorway because they'll be a roof timber in the way. So the knocking through started last week:
Steve, The Boss (who Seren is totally in love with!)

The start of the mess in my old airing cupboard which is in the kitchen!
So, now our whole house is covered in a layer of dust! Bless them, to be fair, the builders have tried to keep the mess out as much as possible, but for most of this last week it's been so bad that the kids & I have had to leave the house during the day - ideal timing when it's Easter holidays and it's been snowing!!

But I have managed to clean enough in the evenings to be able to make a pair of baby shoes for my Cousin's new arrival Baby Olivia:

Plain mint green & beige 0-3 month shoes

Mint & Beige 0-3 Month shoes with flowers appliqued on
I love making these baby shoes - they're so fun to come up with all the different colourways and embellishments to go on them :-) Both styles are now available in my Etsy shop.

Now I'm off with a cuppa and the last of the Easter Eggs (mine - honest!) to catch up with everyone else over at Handmade Monday.

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