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Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Kindness of Strangers

I had a real surprise last week - I received a phone call from a lady who asked if I was the woman mentioned in the local paper who is running Teddy Bear Making Workshops - something else I bravely (crazily?!) said I would do along side the Children's Craft Parties I told you about the other week... here....

Anyway, I said yes, and asked was she interested in joining one of the classes, but no, she had plenty of experience making teddies as she used to run similar workshops, but that sadly she couldn't sew any more due to arthritis in her hands and that she had a bunch of patterns that she no longer needed, but couldn't bear (geddit??? Sorry!) to throw out and would I like them?

Would I???

Of course I lept at this very generous offer and said I would be straight round.... well, I wasn't expecting quite as much as she had to give me...

Two FULL boxes of soft toy patterns

Vintage teddy bear making book

teddy bear pattern collections

Another vintage teddy bear creations book

I was absolutely bowled over when I arrived at this lady's house and she presented me with these two enormous boxes of patterns, supplier lists, trade magazines and journals - I was like a child in a sweet shop!!

Not only that, but she wouldn't take any money from me for them. She just wanted to help someone else trying to make it in the 'craft world'.

So I can honestly say I have really experienced the kindness of strangers and I feel so so grateful.

I know it's not a proper handmade post, but I just didn't think such a lovely gesture should go unnoticed. I am posting this over at the Handmade Monday link up but keep your eyes peeled later in the week for a more 'handmade' post! 

Have a good one xx

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