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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Prolonged Holiday...

So if everything had gone according to plan I would have been writing this post on Sunday, waiting for my Dad to arrive for a couple of days (to celebrate the little man's 2nd Birthday) as we would have arrived back from holiday on Saturday afternoon... everything would be unpacked & washed and I'd be nicely relaxed. Instead it's Tuesday and none of that is done! Just as we were packing up on Friday night, Brian looked at the tickets and discovered that he'd inadvertently booked us tickets home for Sunday, not Saturday!! Oops! Still an extra day's holiday is all good :-)

We had a wonderful time in Ireland... the weather was, as always, mixed, but the kids enjoyed the rainy days as much as the sunny ones. It was great to catch up with not only Brian's close family, but also some cousins who we often don't get to see, as we headed out West to a friend's wedding and luckily for us it was very close to a number of Brian's cousins and a couple of mine, so we caught up with almost all of them in one weekend - hectic :-)

Seren had her first trip to the cinema while we were away (to see Ice Age 4 - I enjoyed it too!) and she LOVED it :-) It was such a pleasure to take her and spend some quality time as Mummy & Daughter on our own (Patrick is definitely still too young to sit still or quietly for long enough!)

The most popular things though, were the 1st of the 3 birthday cakes to celebrate Patrick's 2nd Birthday, playing at the beach & playing with their big cousins:

And while you might think I did nothing except for relaxing I can assure you I was busy busy busy - making this lot:

All of these are for the Summer Fayre that I'm attending this coming Sunday:

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