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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Craft Fair

It turns out that I was a little (teensy, weensy) bit stressed before the Orchard Trust Summer Fayre last weekend... I know this because as soon as it was over I stopped shouting at my nearest and dearest. Oops. The Fayre was a fantastic event though, attended by hundreds of people, far more than I expected (given how worried I was about not doing well at it, it's probably just as well I didn't know it would be that big!) and I had a FANTASTIC afternoon... both in terms of enjoyment & also business!

The day didn't start out too well weather-wise... half an hour before I had to go and set up the rain was coming down in sheets and bouncing up so high it was hitting our windows! But then, glorious sunshine for the rest of the day... and here are some pics of my stall all set up:

It was lovely to see some familiar faces - thank you to everyone who came along & supported both the charity & also little old me :-)

I've got a stall at a charity Fun Day on Sunday 19th August but I think after that I'll give it a break until the Christmas markets get underway.... it's just too stressful whilst also trying to hold down a part time job, look after the sprogs and fulfill orders!

We also had the excitement of Patrick's 2nd Birthday last week and his party on Saturday - great fun was had by all, especially when it came to the eating of the cake:

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