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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Fun with Hama Beads

We love Hama Beads (or Perler Beads as they're sometimes known) in this house... we've made all sorts of things:

Shamrock made by Daddy

Aliens & the Mothership from a retro computer game (am trying to make out that I haven't forgotten the name of said game!)

A sunny seahorse

I've been building a Pinterest Board with Hama Bead ideas

And when a lovely lady approached me to host a 9 year old's birthday party I knew it would be great to involve hama beads somehow.

So I made up a bag with a hama bead tag like this:

My example felt bag
And here are some of the girls' creations:

And the birthday girl with her bag:

They are so much fun to make - all you need is a board (you can buy different shaped boards, but a square one is the most flexible in terms of making different patterns) a bunch of beads, some tracing paper/baking paper/freezer paper (a sheet of which usually comes with a pack of beads) and an iron.

I'd love to see some of the Hama Bead creations you make, so feel free to email them to me at simmi@gracesfavours.co.uk

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