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Monday, 10 November 2014

Post-Halloween Post

I know it's a bit late and sadly things have been so crazy round here that I've been neglecting you guys.... but better late than never, right?!

Now, I love Halloween - I did a couple of fun tutorials last year and I was all set to do another one this year, but I kinda ran out of time... you'll see why below!

So for Halloween I had a request (the DAY BEFORE HALLOWEEN - DURING HALF TERM!!) for my gorgeous boy to be an Owl. Eeek! Cue a panicked Mummy frantically sewing into the night and.... Ta Da!

Excuse the photos taken on my phone, early in the morning in my messy workshop!

Patrick had a friend over for Halloween Tea and we made them Bloody Fingers and Nasty Gnashers:

Apples, Peanut Butter and mini Marshmallows
Frankfurters, lots of ketchup & hot dog buns
 Whilst I decided to have a go at carving a VW Campervan into my pumpkin this year:

And Seren went to a party dressed as a Witch (thankfully no Mummy-help required with her costume!):

All in all a very happy and silly Halloween! Hope you had fun too - what did your little ones dress up as? I'd love to see some pics... especially if they had handmade elements to their costumes!

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