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Monday, 18 August 2014

How to Make a Star Badge (Happy St Seren's Day!)

Hello lovelies,

We're still on our annual Irish pilgrimage (i.e. staying with my lovely out-laws) and decided that we should hold a St Seren's Day celebration while we're here as Seren, our daughter, has always felt a bit put out that her younger brother has St Patrick's Day to celebrate his name, but she didn't have a Saints Day... so we made up one for her!

The little star brooch Seren is wearing is now the official symbol of St Seren and this year has been done in the Wexford colours of Purple & Gold and was really easy to make.

I've not done a template for them, but a little pictoral 'how to'.

You will need:

Small scrap of purple felt
Slightly larger scrap of yellow felt
Brooch back or Safety Pin
2 strands of purple embroidery tread
star shape - you can either draw around a cookie cutter or make a template freehand

How To:

1. Cut out a star shape from the purple felt and sew it onto the yellow felt using 2 strands of purple embroidery thread. I used running stitch, but you could also use back stitch or whip stitch:

2. Flip the yellow felt over and using the same purple thread, sew on a brooch back or a safety pin if you don't have any brooch backs.

3. Tie off the thread on the back and then carefully cut round the purple star, leaving a 0.5mm gap around the egde. And voila! You have a star brooch:

We chose stars because Seren means star in welsh and it's the emblem we use for our Seren whenever she needs a theme, but you could do this with any shape and contrasting colours.

Happy Sewing!

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