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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Hearts for Craftseller's owner Immediate Media

Well, I had a very exciting moment on Thursday when I responded to a post that I'd seen CraftSeller Magazine's Facebook page:

So I emailed Jane straight away and was delighted to receive a reply within the hour saying, yes please, they'd love me to make the hearts!!


So I immediately had a panic... 50 hearts in 5 days, I could manage that, right? Er, lets hope so!

I wanted to make them a bit more exciting than just gingham so (having first confirmed that they were happy for me to be more adventurous!) I set about creating my hearts.

These are the first 3 designs:

I'm really pleased with them so far, although they're SO fiddly to make as they're only 6cm by 6cm!

This is what the backs look like:

They're taking quite a long time, but definitely worth doing right as they'll be going to advertisers and agencies that Immediate Media work with as part of a promotion for Craftseller, which is very exciting as it means my little hearts will be heading out to all sorts of different companies and will also be passing under the eyes of the editor of Craftseller and the other crafty publications that Immediate Media run.

Normally I try not to work too much at the weekend, so I can spend time with my husband and my kids, but this weekend my lovely husband has taken the kids out for a day of fun (which I'm secretly jealous of missing out on) so I can crack on.... So I suppose I'd best go and make sure I have lots to show for my alone-time!

Have a good weekend xxx

PS. I've already had an enquiry about turning these little beauties into Pincushions, so keep an eye on the Etsy Shop and the Uniquely UK website for them!


  1. Wow, what a great opportunity, congratulations and well done, they look lovely, I like that you have been able to do different designs, I love the idea of the advert too, it sounds like it's going to be a busy time for you :) now go, stop reading this and get on with making more hearts :)

    Jan x

  2. Fantastic:) Well done, you must be so chuffed:) here's hoping to swift professional sewing:) Take away tonight?!

    1. Thanks Vicky, I am over the moon :-D Definitely liking the idea of a take away (as will my poor hubby who's had to put up with the kids all day!) Simmi xx

  3. They would look fab made into a mobile

    1. Ohhh I LOVE that idea :-D I'd been wondering what mobile to do next - thank you! Simmi x


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