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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Poppies for Remembrance Sunday

Last year I made a batch of poppies for Remembrance Sunday - they proved to be really popular and so I'm making (and selling as fast as I can make) more. This year I'm donating all the profits from poppy sales during October and November to the Royal British Legion. If you see any you like in this blog post, the links are next to all the pics to the relevant Poppy item in my Etsy Shop.

Last year I raised £85 by selling my poppies and I'm hoping to increase on that this year.

I've also increased the range of poppy items that I'm creating this year, so there are now Large and Small Poppy Brooches:

Large & Small Poppy Brooches with leaves:

Poppies as Keyrings & Hair Combs:

And Poppies as Baby Shoe Clips:

I love making these bright flowers and really love that I am doing something for the wonderful charity, The Royal British Legion. I'll let you know next month how much money we manage to raise this year.

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  1. Poppies are my favourite flower (and the British Legion is one of my favourite charities) so I love this time of year.
    I hope your poppies are a huge success as they are lovely xx

    PS don't know how I missed your post about your award ceremony. Shame you missed out but you seemed to have had a good time anyway xx


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