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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Shall I Tell You A Secret?

A really BIG secret?

Are you sure you're ready????



Can you tell that I'm pleased and rather excited?!

I've got a million and one things to do before I go at the end of December but I just want to dance about and sing!

I was planning to leave in the Summer as that'll be when Seren's gearing up to go to school and it'll be all change, so it seemed like a good time, but I've been getting more and wound up and stressed about not having enough time for every aspect of my life, so we've managed to work the finances out so that the kids can carry on at their nursery (with slightly reduced hours) and I will have 3 days a week to dedicate to the business come the New Year.

I am really looking forward to it as I get very frustrated to have so many ideas and not enough hours in the day to achieve even half of it!

Sorry for the lack of pictures and lots of waffle!


  1. ooooh that's so exciting!!! i can't wait to see al the lovely things you'll be making with the extra time :) x

  2. How exciting yet nerve wracking at the same time! I hope everything goes well for the fair, which I'm sure it will and you'll sell loads :0)

  3. It's wonderful to hear you've been able to get everything sorted so you can give up your job. It's no good if your feeling really stressed, like you said it effects your whole life. I hope it turns out to be everything you've dreamed of.
    Ali x

  4. sounds exciting! Good luck with it all x

  5. Thanks all :-) I have been floating all week! It's amazing how much difference it makes, just handing in the notice, will feel really good come the 19th December! Simmi x

  6. Well done in taking the plunge, one thing I found is that it is cheaper to stay at home than you first thought, so do not be surprised that you save money. Good luck with all your planning let us winks know how you get on

  7. Gosh, spending less money would definitely be a novelty!! :-)


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