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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

More Photo Editing

Okay, so now I feel a bit daft... but since my last post I've discovered that there is a MUCH easier way to get your photos looking better... without so many stages and ending up with a better looking photo... it's called Fotofuze

It automatically imports your Etsy listings:

And then in one simple move you can take a picture from this:

to this... IN ONE STEP!!

It does turn some of the pictures a bit doolally though:

A little bit more attention required on that one me thinks!


  1. Brilliant software link. Can you only use it with Esty? It wants me to link it to my esty acc which I don't have.... sigh. Are there many crafty bloggers in the Forrest?

  2. Ohhh good question - it looks like it will only work if you have an Etsy account. If you have Picasa on your computer there are some new features which I've not investigated yet but that might do something similar. Sadly I've not come across any other craft bloggers in the Forest - would love it if there were :-)


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