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Monday, 26 March 2012

Easter Toys & Union Jack Swap

Sorry for the slight break in posting for the last week or so... our household has been hit by flu (first both kids, which meant I was run ragged looking after them and now me) so everything has been on hold till we all started to feel a bit more human.

Last week (before the lurgy descended) I was busy making Easter chicks and Easter finger puppets

The Chick in the plastic egg is being listed in my Etsy shop later today - as you can see from the second photo, it has a little pocket sewn onto the back with enough space to hold 2 Lindor chocolate eggs (which will come with the chick) so would make a perfect Easter present for a little someone who doesn't need yet another large chocolate egg!

The finger puppets consist of Larry Lamb, Chester Chick and Bertie Bunny and the prototypes have been robustly tested by Seren & Patrick (my 3 year old & 1 year old!) and have also been listed in the Etsy shop.

However the most exciting thing, which I wanted to blog about straight away (but of course didn't quite get the chance!) is that I have joined the Popular Crafts monthly swap which for April & May has a Union Jack theme. I have been paired up with a lovely lady named Cybele, who's blog can be found here - she makes beautiful things, mostly knitted or crochet and I'm really excited about my first ever craft swap!

Watch this space for pics once my makes are finished & have been received by Cybele (and of course, I'll be posting pics of the goodies I get in return!)

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